About Us

Mosquito & Tick Away

First and foremost, we rarely get complaints. Our top of the line equipment, products, and on time treatments work and we guarantee that. In the rare occasion there is an issue with one of our treatments, you can be sure that we will return and treat your property again hassle free at no charge. At Mosquito & Tick Away, we want your yard to remain mosquito & Tick free in between treatments; thats why we invest in top of the line equipment and products that are safe, effective, and affordable. We understand that if we treat your yard on Friday just before your weekend barbecue the treatment needs to be effective. We also understand that a free treatment under our guarantee on Monday is not as satisfying as a Mosquito & Tick Free weekend with friends and family.

We care about our customers and our reputation and that is reflected in our 90% customer retention rate. Our successful growth is a result of happy customers referring friends, family, and neighbors. Don’t settle for just another company this year join the rest of Mosquito & Tick Away family in enjoying your yard everyday. Submit your information today and we will contact you right away, or feel free to give us a call.

Say goodbye to annoying pests with Mosquito Tick Away!

Our Team

Our team of trained mosquito & tick control experts use the best equipment and control products available to safely and thoroughly treat your entire property. Our technicians are supported by a professional support team that coordinates on time and effective services. Mosquito & Tick Away doesn’t just make your yard more enjoyable, we make the whole customer experience more enjoyable.
Not every property or customer is the same and we understand that. Our friendly staff at Mosquito & Tick Away is happy to answer your questions and assist you in determining the best mosquito control solution for your property.

Mosquito Tick Away technicians are a valuable resource for addressing specific concerns that you have. Our technicians are licensed and trained in mosquito & tick control applications and can quickly identify problem areas in your yard and provide extra focus on those areas. We take pride in choosing quality technicians that are hard working, knowledgeable, and also pleasant to talk with. We dont just eliminate Mosquitos & Tick we also eliminate all the hassles for you.

“A better way to keep
bugs away”