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Mosquito & Tick Control

Both pet owners and parents share a concern for Mosquito & tick prevention, as mosquito & tick bites can have serious implications for both children and pets. To alleviate this worry, Every treatment we provide for you will eliminate and prevent Mosquitos & Ticks for your one time charge. 

Tick-borne illnesses are a major health concern for families, with ticks being carriers of pathogens for ten human diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Anaplasmosis. Don’t let your loved ones become a statistic. With Mosquito Tick Away’s professional tick control service, you can relax knowing that your property is protected against tick bites and the diseases they carry.

But it’s not just about professional tick control service. Mosquito Tick Away also provides tips on how to make your property less hospitable to ticks, such as keeping grass mowed, moving wood piles away from the home, and wearing protective clothing when walking in wooded or grassy areas.

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Expert Knowledge and Service

At Mosquito Tick Away, we pride ourselves on being the expert tick control service provider with extensive knowledge of each tick species in the U.S. Our tick control barrier spray is applied every three weeks, targeting shrubbery and other areas where ticks live while waiting for a host. Our expert technicians also know the best tick prevention steps for your specific location to keep your family safe from these dangerous pests.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact Mosquito Tick Away today at 1-877-799-2929 for a free quote and take the first step in protecting your loved ones against the risks of tick-borne illnesses. With our Neighborly Done Right Promise and Mosquito Guarantee, you can trust us to provide professional and complete tick control and prevention services every time.

Tick Control Experts in Attleboro, MA

Introducing Mosquito Tick Away – the expert tick control and prevention service that you can trust to keep your family, pets, and property safe from the health risks and irritation caused by ticks. Unlike other companies that only focus on mosquitoes, Mosquito Tick Away understands the year-round threat of ticks and provides a comprehensive solution to rid your yard of these pesky pests.