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Your expert partner for safe, effective, and affordable mosquito, flea, and tick control services in Whitman, MA.

Mosquito & Tick Control

Both pet owners and parents share a concern for Mosquito & tick prevention, as Mosquito & tick bites can have serious implications for both children and pets. To alleviate this worry, Every treatment we provide for you will eliminate and prevent Mosquitos & Ticks for your one time charge. 

We understand that battling mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks can be frustrating, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. At Mosquito & Tick Away, we use advanced hydraulic spray equipment to complete our treatments, which provides superior coverage and increases the effectiveness of treatments. We take pride in delivering quality services that keep you and your family safe and comfortable in your yard. Mosquito & Tick Away is a better way to keep bugs away.

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About Mosquito & Tick Away in Whitman, MA

Our treatments are specially designed to treat Mosquitoes & Ticks, along with Fleas on your property. Unlike most other companies that separate these services and charge you for multiple services, we provide a comprehensive treatment everytime we service your property for one price. Our treatments ensure full property coverage up to 30 feet into the woodline, trees, all lawn spaces, and all foundation shrubs and foundation areas. We believe in providing our customers with an effective and affordable solution that will eliminate the hassles of scheduling and paying for multiple service plans.

All of our service treatments include products to eliminate Mosquitos, Ticks, & Fleas in Whitman, MA on contact. Our treatments also provide a barrier that protects your yard for up to 21-25 days after the treatment. We watch weather patterns carefully to determine the best times to treat your property and during peak summer months we are always putting in the extra effort to provide exceptional and effective treatments. Although all of our products are safe and effective, our natural mosquito control option is perfect for those who prefer an eco-friendly solution. We are happy to discuss which option works best for you.

Many of our customers share a similar experience, they tried several companies only to be dissapointed over and over again with poor to avarage results. They were referred to Mosquito & Tick Away by a satisfied friend or neighbor, or just happened to see us completing a treatment and were impressed with our service and technicians. Many times while attending a summer gathering, they were amazed that there were no mosquitos or ticks disrupting the fun; the question was asked “who do you use” and Mosquito & Tick Away was the answer.

Barrier Spray

Our top-rated service offers protection for your yard for up to 21-25 days with our most popular treatment. Our skilled technicians focus on treating the shrubs and plants throughout your yard to create a barrier that effectively eliminates existing mosquitoes while also deterring new ones from entering. You’ll be pleased to know that within just 30-45 minutes after the treatment, your yard will be safe and ready for you to enjoy!

Natural Treatment

We provide natural treatment options that are as effective as our traditional barrier treatment in deterring mosquitoes right away. Our natural options include all-natural garlic and botanicals derived from natural plant oils. These options offer 14 to 21-day cycles to maintain the same level of effective outdoor pest control.

Tick Control

Both pet owners and parents share a concern for tick prevention, as tick bites can have serious implications for both children and pets. To alleviate this worry, Mosquito & Tick Away focuses on treating the shrubs and plants surrounding your yard, creating a barrier that effectively repels these unwanted intruders.

Special Events

No matter the occasion, whether it’s a graduation party, wedding, holiday BBQ, or simply a get-together with friends and neighbors, Mosquito & Tick Away ensures that mosquitoes won’t be on the guest list.
We want to make your service experience with us is as simple as possible by offering one comprehensive solution. No hassles, no complaints, no hidden fees. Contact us today to recieve and instant quote and get started with Mosquito & Tick Away.

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